Facebook – Clutter Free

What happened to the classic, easy days of Facebook? No advertisements, no annoying quizzes or “someone sent you a happy hour drink”applications. I enjoy that little red box that informs me I have been tagged in 1,000 new photos from the weekend, in which the only reason that we even took the pictures over the weekend was for the sole purpose of making a Facebook album.

Facebook has taken the thrill out of being excited by with what a new notification icon could possibly hold – Was I tagged in pictures? Do I have a new wall post? They have replaced the thrill of that tiny red notification with annoyance and disappoint. Someone sent me a happy hour drink – a picture of a drink nonethe less. A stupid drink in which I can only receive after many steps of installing the application and then having to send it to 10 other friends. At this point I am so annoyed that not only are the pictures I spent many grueling hours posing in just to get that perfect new profile picture not posted, but I wasted the last 10 minutes of my life to stare at a mouth watering alcoholic beverage picture. Now I really do need a drink, not just a picture of one.

I am an application fool. I am constantly browsing the web and trying out new applications (which is then followed by uninstalling virus coded applications). Facebook has crossed the line. I miss the days in which Facebook served 3 purposes: post pictures, write comments on your friends wall that embarrasses them about the pictures posted, and stalking random people. Three weeks ago I felt like I discovered the jackpot at the end of the rainbow – an application that removes all Facebook ads without installing a virus on my computer. My Facebook has regained a slight classic, vintage feel to it. I no longer am stumbling over advertisements and can really get back to the basics of embarrassing and stalking friends.

How to regain an advertisement free Facebook:

  1. Download the Stylish 1.0.7 application from Firefox’s add-ons

Stylish pic

2. Click on Add to Firefox

3. Click install now on new window that pops up

4. Restart Firefox once program has installed

5. Stylish page will appear in new browser tab

Facebook application

6. On the next screen click on which version is compatible with your computer (most computers will load as user script)

User script

7. Welcome back to the good days of Facebook. It’s heavenly.