Top 100 Social Media and Internet Marketing Bloggers 

Every blogger claims to be an industry expert. Sorting out the true experts from those who believe that since they utilize one social media tool (their blog) they qualify as an expert. Jay Krall, who consistently provides meaningful and insightful industry advice, has listed the top 100 blogs to add to your RSS feed. Depending on the type of information you seek from a blog, some of blogs will provide more informational than others. This is one list worth spending some time going through the links.

Top 100 Social Media & Internet Marketing Bloggers

1. ReadWriteWeb
2. Mashable
3. Seth Godin’s Blog
4. Scobleizer
5. How to Change the World
7. Micro Persuasion
8. Successful Blog
9. Marketing Pilgrim
10. Logic + Emotion
11. The Viral Garden
12. PR Squared
13. The Buzz Bin
14. Conversation Agent
15. gapingvoid
16. Anil Dash’s Blog
17. Tasty Blog Snack
18. Being Peter Kim
19. Publishing 2.0
20. Rain City Guide
21. A Shel of My Former Self
22. PRNewser
23. Social Media Today
24. The Social Media Marketing Blog
25. SEOmoz Blog (More …)