Socially Acceptable Holiday Excuses 

Tis’ the season of spending time with friends & family telling your friends & family some of these socially acceptable phrases:

1. “I’m sorry, I just gave all my cash to the Salvation Army ringer standing next door. I will donate on my out of the store!” Truth: You actually spent all your money on a fancy new dress to wear to a holiday party, and you will go out the other exit of the store to avoid the evil glare and shame from the Salvation Army bell ringer.

2. “I wish you had called yesterday, I just promised by friend I would go to their holiday Christmas party” Truth: No plans, no previous engagements. All you know is that you are not about to get roped into an evening of pretending to enjoy talking to Bob from accounting. Bob from accounting thinks that big smile on your face is from listening to him describe his Star Wars comic book collection. Bob from accounting thinks you smiling because are so excited about his Star Wars comic book collection. Bob from accounting can’t believe how excited you are, and he insists on setting a date to read (More …)